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Effect of Annealing on the Mechanical properties of Fe-6.5wt% Si Alloy
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Effect of Annealing on the Mechanical properties of Fe-6.5wt% Si Alloy
Yun, Yeong-Gi; Yun, Hui-Seok; Hong, Seong-Gil;
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6.5wt% Si steel is widely known as an excellent magnetic material because its magnetostriction is nearly zero. The AX magnetic properties as magnetostriction of 6.5% Si steel were evaluated and compared with those of conventional 3% Si steel sheet. In this paper, the fracture behavior of the poly crystals and single crystals of Fe-6.5wt%Si alloy has been observed. Single crystals were prepared by Floating Zone(FZ) method, which melts the alloy by the use of high temperature electron beam in pure argon gas condition. And the single crystals were annealed at 500 and 700 respectively and tensile tested at room temperature. According to the result, B2 phase has more good elongation than DO phase. It was also found that the fracture surfaces of the single crystals have hairline facets in same direction, and the facets change the direction according to the single crystal phase.
Fe-6.5wt% Si;Floating Zone Method;Polycrystal;Single Crystal;Annealing;
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홉킨슨 압력봉법을 이용한 Fe-6.5wt.%Si 합금의 고변형률속도 거동,윤영기;윤희석;;;

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