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Depth and Course Controllers Design for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
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Depth and Course Controllers Design for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Yang, Seung-Yun;
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In this paper, H(sub) depth and course controllers of autonomous underwater vehicles using H(sub) servo control are proposed. An H(sub) servo problem is foumulated to design the controllers satisfying a robust tracking property with modeling errors and disturbances. The solution of the H(sub)servo problem is as follows; firest, this problem is modified as an H(sub) control problem for the generalized plant that includes a reference input mode, and than a sub-optimal solution that satisfies a given performance criteria is calculated by LMI(Linear Matrix Inequality) approach, The H(sub)depth and course controllers are designed to satisfy the robust stability about the modeling error generated from the perturbation of the hydrodynamic coefficients and the robust tracking property under disturbances(was force, wave moment, tide). The performances(the robustness to the uncertainties, depth and course tracking properties) of the designed controlled are evaluated with computer simulations, and finally these simulation results show the usefulness and applicability of the propose H(sub) depth and course control systems.
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles;Depth Control;Course Control; Servo Control;
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소형 자율 수중 운동체의 비연성 제어기 설계 및 HILS 기법을 이용한 성능 평가,현철;

한국군사과학기술학회지, 2013. vol.16. 2, pp.130-137 crossref(new window)
수중운동체에 대한 비연성 제어기 설계 및 성능 평가,현철;

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퍼지 이득 스케쥴링 기법을 이용한 무인 잠수정의 심도제어기 설계 - HILS 검증,황종현;박세원;김문환;이상영;홍성경;

제어로봇시스템학회논문지, 2013. vol.19. 9, pp.791-796 crossref(new window)
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