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Overload Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction Using an Effective J-Integral of Spot Welded Specimens
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Overload Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction Using an Effective J-Integral of Spot Welded Specimens
Lee, Hyeong-Il; Choe, Jin-Yong;
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This paper proposes an integrated approach, which is independent of specimen geometry and loading type, for predicting the fatigue life of spot welded specimens. We first establish finite element models reflecting the actual specimen behaviors observed on the experimental load-deflection curves of 4 types of single spot welded specimens. Using finite element models elaborately established, we then evaluate fracture parameter J-integral to describe the effects of specimen geometry and loading type on the fatigue life in a comprehensive manner. It is confirmed, however, that J-integral concept alone is insufficient to clearly explain the generalized relationship between load and fatigue life of spot welded specimens. On this ground, we introduce another effective parameter composed of , , , which has been demonstrated here to more sharply define the relationship between load and fatigue life of 4 types of spot welded specimens. The crack surface displacement method is adopted for decomposition of J, and the mechanism of the mixed mode fracture is also discussed in detail as a motivation of using
Spot Welded Specimen;Overload Analysis;Fatigue Analysis;Finite Element Model;J-Intergral;Effective Crack Driving Parameter ;Fatigue Life;
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