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Regrasp Planner Using Look-up Table
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 Title & Authors
Regrasp Planner Using Look-up Table
Jo, Gyeong-Rae; Lee, Jong-Won; Kim, Mun-Sang; Song, Jae-Bok;
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A pick-and-place operation in 3-dimensional environment is basic operation for human and multi-purpose manipulators. However, there may be a difficult problem for such manipulators. Especially, if the object cannot be moved with a single grasp, regrasping, which can be a time-consuming process, should be carried out. Regrasping, given initial and final pose of the target object, is a construction of sequential transition of object poses that are compatible with two poses in the point of grasp configuration. This paper presents a novel approach for solving regrasp problem. The approach consists of a preprocessing and a planning stage. Preprocessing, which is done only once for a given robot, generates a look-up table which has information of kinematically feasible task space of end-effector through all the workspace. Then, using the table planning automatically determines possible intermediate location, pose and regrasp sequence leading from the pick-up to put-down grasp. Experiments show that the presented is complete in the total workspace. The regrasp planner was combined with existing path
Regrasping;Manipulation Planning;Motion Planning;Grasp Planning;
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