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Failure Mechanism of Metal Matrix Composites Subject to Transverse Loading
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 Title & Authors
Failure Mechanism of Metal Matrix Composites Subject to Transverse Loading
Ham, Jong-Ho; Lee, Hyeong-Il; Jo, Jong-Du;
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Mechanical behaviors of uniaxially fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites under transverse loading conditions were studied at room and elevated temperatures. A mono-filament composite was selecte d as a representative analysis model with perfectly bonded fiber/matrix interface assumption. The elastic-plastic and visco-plastic models were investigated by both theoretical and numerical methods. The product of triaxiality factor and effective strain as well as stress components and strain energy was obtained as a function of location to estimate the failure sites in fiber-reinforced metal matrix composite. Results showed that fiber/ matrix interfacial debond plays a key role for local failure at the room temperature, while void creation and growth in addition to the interfacial debond are major concerns at the elevated temperature. It was also shown that there would be an optimal diameter of fiber for the strong fiber-reinforced metal matrix composite.
Composite;Creep;Energy Density;Fiber;Finite Element Analysis;FRMMC;Matrix;Triaxiality Factor;
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