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A Study on Virtual Manufacturing for Total Auto-Body Panel Stamping Processes
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A Study on Virtual Manufacturing for Total Auto-Body Panel Stamping Processes
Jeong, Dong-Won;
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The dynamic explicit finite element method and the static implicit finite element method are applied effectively to analyze total auto-body panel stamping processes, which include the forming stage , the trimming stage and the spring-back stage.\The explicit time integration method has better merits in the forming stage including highly complicated three-dimensional contact conditions. On the contrary, the implicit time integration method is better for analyzing spring-back since the complicated contact conditions are removed and the computing time to get the final static state is short. In this work, brief descriptions of the formulation and the factor study are presented. Further, the simulated results for the total auto-body panel stamping processes are shown and discussed. The formability and the weld line movement in stamping with Tailor Welded Blanks were investigated through QTR-OTR-FRT.
Dynamic Explicit Finite Element Method;Static Implicit Finite Element Method;Auto-Body Panel Stamping;Forming Stage;Trimming Stage;Spring-Back Stage;Tailor Welded Blanks;
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