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Effect of the Peening Intensity by Shot Peening
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Effect of the Peening Intensity by Shot Peening
Jeong, Seong-Gyun; Lee, Seung-Ho; Jeong, Seok-Ju;
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The shot peening process is most often used to improve fatigue properties of metal parts. The single most critical parameter of the shot peening process is the shot ball itself. Without the correct quality media, all other shut peening parameters are extraneous and the desired fatigue improvement and consistency of improvement will not be achieved. Shot peening involves modifications of the surface and subsurface condition of a material that can be described by the change of the residual stresses, the hardness, and the surface roughness. This Paper Presents the shot peening to optimize the shot ball parameters. The effect of shot peening parameter on the surface roughness, surface hardness and residual stress are investigated.
Shot Peening;Shot Ball;Intensity;Fatigue Life;Residual Stress;
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