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A Viscoelastic Constitutive Model of Rubber Under Small Oscillatory Loads Superimposed on Large static Deformation
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 Title & Authors
A Viscoelastic Constitutive Model of Rubber Under Small Oscillatory Loads Superimposed on Large static Deformation
Kim, Bong-Gyu; Yun, Seong-Gi;
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A viscoelastic constitutive equation of rubber is proposed under small oscillatory load superimposed on large static deformation. The proposed model is derived through linearization of Simos nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive model and reference configuration transformation. Statically pre-deformed state is used as reference configuration. The model is extended to a generalized viscoelastic constitutive equation including widely-used Mormans model. Static deformation correction factor is introduced to consider the influence of pre-strain on the relaxation function. The model is tested for dynamic behavior of rubbers with different carbon black fractions. It is shown that the constitutive equation with static deformation correction factor agrees well with test results.
Viscoelasticity;Constitutive Model;Rubber;Small Oscillatory Load;Large Static Deformation;
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