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A Study on the Starved Lubrication for the Piston Ring
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Starved Lubrication for the Piston Ring
Jo, Myeong-Rae; Han, Dong-Cheol;
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This paper reports on the starved lubrication for the piston ring. In this analysis, two types of inlet boundary conditions, fully flooded and starved condition, are considered at the leading edge. The inlet position of effective lubrication and squeeze term are obtained by numerically iterative method. The effective lubricated region is reduced due to the starved condition at the inlet. The starved condition at the inlet significantly reduced the minimum oil film thickness(MOFT) at the midstroke of piston, and the friction force is also increased due to the thin oil film thickness. In the starved conditions, the power loss is significantly increased.
Starved Lubrication;Ring;Boundary Condition;Minimum Oil Film Thickness;
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