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Measurement of Spindle Thermal Errors in a Machine Tool Using Hemispherical Ball Bar Test
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Measurement of Spindle Thermal Errors in a Machine Tool Using Hemispherical Ball Bar Test
Yang, Seung-Han; Kim, Gi-Hun;
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Improvement of machine tool accuracy is an essential part of quality control in manufacturing process. Among of all the errors of a particular machine tool, the thermal errors of the spindle have a notably significant effect on machining accuracy and have a direct influence upon both the surface finish and geometric shape of the finished workpiece. Therefore, this paper proposed new measurement method for thermal errors of the spindle in machine tools. The thermal errors are measured by a ball bar system instead of capacitance sensor system. The novel measurement method using ball bar system is more efficient, easier to use than conventional measurement system. And also the ball bar system is possible to measure both geometric errors and thermal errors at the same time.
Thermal Errors of the Spindle;Ball Bar System;
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반구상의 나선형 볼바측정을 통한 수직형 머시닝 센터의 오차 해석 및 보정,양승한;김기훈;박용국;

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