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Three-Dimensional Thermoforming Analysis of an Inner Case with Three Cavities for Refrigerator
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 Title & Authors
Three-Dimensional Thermoforming Analysis of an Inner Case with Three Cavities for Refrigerator
Lee, Ho Jin; Ahn, Dong Gyu; Lee, Sang Hun; Ki, Jun Chul; Ko, Jae Hong;
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The aim of this study is to investigate the thermoforming characteristics of an inner case with three refrigerator cavities using three-dimensional(3D) thermoforming analyses. We perform fundamental formability analyses using a 3D model of the mould for the inner case. We carry out tensile tests at the elevated temperature to examine the properties and characteristics of the thermoformed material. Then, we design sub-processes of the thermoforming process for the inner case. In addition, we develop suitable finite-element models for different sub-processes. We investigate the deformed shapes and thickness distributions of the inner case for different sub-processes using the results of the thermoforming analysis. Finally, we discuss the formability and thermoforming characteristics of the inner case with three cavities.
Thermoforming;Inner Case of Refrigerator;Three Cavities;Thermoforming Analysis;Thermoforming Mould;
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