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Experimental Study on Flow Noise Generated by Axi-symmetric Boundary Layer (II) - Forced Transition on an Axi-symmetric Nose and Radiated Sound -
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Study on Flow Noise Generated by Axi-symmetric Boundary Layer (II) - Forced Transition on an Axi-symmetric Nose and Radiated Sound -
Lee, Seung-Bae; Kim, Hooi-Joong; Kwon, O-Sup; Lee, Sang-Kwon;
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The oscillatory excitation with a Strouhal number of 2.65 ncar the stagnation zone of hemispherical nose model was employed to control the laminar separation bubble and the transition to turbulence. The effects of oscillatory excitation upon the separation bubble and the transition were addressed in terms of kurtosis/skewness and time-frequency analyses. The measured noise spectrum of radiated sound from the turbulent boundary layer on the axi-symmetric infinite cylinder is compared with that by Sevik's wave-number white approximations. The noise sources in TBL on axi-symmetric cylinder and the caling of their far-field sound are also discussed.
Transition;Radiated Sound;Oscillatory Excitation;Wave-Number;Convective Range;Acoustic Range;
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축대칭 물체의 경계층 유동소음에 대한 실험적 연구 ( I ) - 축대칭 물체 전두부 및 실린더 벽면 섭동압력 -,이승배;김휘중;권오섭;이상권;

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