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A Numerical Analysis of Growth of Non-spherical Silica Particles in a Premixed Flat Flame
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 Title & Authors
A Numerical Analysis of Growth of Non-spherical Silica Particles in a Premixed Flat Flame
Oh, Se-Baek; Lee, Bang-Weon; Choi, Man-Soo;
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Two dimensional aerosol dynamics considering the effects of particle generation, coagulation, thermophoresis, sintering and convection has been studied to obtain the growth of non-spherical silica particles in conjunction with determining flame temperature by performing combustion analysis of premixed flat flame. Heat and mass transfer analysis includes 16 species, 29 chemical reaction steps together with oxidation and hydrolysis of SiCl4. The effect of radiation heat loss has also been included. The predictions of flame temperatures and the evolution of particle size distributions were in a reasonable agreement with the existing experimental data.
Non-Spherical Particle;Premixed Flat Flame;
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