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Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows in a Planar Combustor
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Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows in a Planar Combustor
Kim, Do-Hyeong; Yang, Kyung-Soo; Shin, Dong-Shin;
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In this study, turbulent flows in a planar combustor which has a square rib-type flame holder are numerically investigated by Large Eddy Simulation(LES). Firstly, the flow fields with or without jet injection downstream of the flame-holder are examined using uniform inlet velocity. Comparison of the present LES results with experimental one shows a good agreement. Secondly, to investigate mixing of oxidizer(air) and fuel injected behind the flame holder, the scalar-transport equation is introduced and solved. From the instantaneous flow and scalar fields, complex and intense mixing phenomena between fuel and jet are observed. It is shown that the ratio of jet to blocked air velocity is an important factor to determine the flow structure. Especially, when the ratio is large enough, the fuel jet penetrates the main vortices shed from the flame holder, resulting in significant changes in the flow and scalar fields.
LES;Turbulence;Bluff-body;Planar-Jet;Scalar Transport;Subgrid-Scale Model;
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평판 사이 정방형실린더 주위의 난류 유동에 대한 LES,김도형;양경수;

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