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An Experimental Study on the Flow Stabilization in the Downstream Region of a Butterfly-Type Valve
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 Title & Authors
An Experimental Study on the Flow Stabilization in the Downstream Region of a Butterfly-Type Valve
Park, Sang-Won; Lee, Sang-U;
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A flow stabilizer, which is made of a honeycomb and three different mesh screens, is located downstream of a butterfly-type valve, for the reduction of flow disturbances behind the valve. Mean flow and turbulence measurements as well as flow visualizations are conducted in the downstream region of the deepens the non-uniformity of the streamwise velocity component and turbulence. The mesh screens considerably reduce the turbulence and enhance the uniformity of mean velocities. The combination of the honeycomb and the three mesh screens results in an efficient reduction in the flow disturbances. In addition, the flow stabilizer proves to have a good performance in the suppression of turbulence at a short distance.
Butterfly-Type Valve;Flow Stabilization;Disk Open Angle;Turbulence;Three-Dimensional Flow;
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