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A Study on the Burning Velocity Correlation of LFG Mixed Fuel Using Numerical Analysis
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Burning Velocity Correlation of LFG Mixed Fuel Using Numerical Analysis
Lee, Chang-Eon; O, Chang-Bo; Jeong, Ik-San;
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In this study, the burning velocities of LFG and LFG mixed fuels have been numerically determined. C3 reaction mechanism involving 92 species and 621 reactions was adopted in the calculation. The computed burning velocities using C3 mechanism show good agreements with experimental data. Based on numerical results, the maximum burning velocities of LFG and LFG mixed fuels were correlated as a function of CH and LFG component percentage at stoichiometric conditions. In addition, the correlations of burning velocities of LFG and LFG mixed fuels were obtained over a wide range of the equivalence ratio. The numerical results are well agreed with the burning velocity correlations. The burning velocity correlations for LFG and LFG mixed fuels suggested in this study can be applied to the practical utilization of LFG.
LFG;Burning Velocity;Velocity Correlation;Detailed Reaction Mechanism;Numerical Analysis;
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