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On Subgrid-Scale Models for Large-Fddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows
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On Subgrid-Scale Models for Large-Fddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows
Gang, Sang-Mo;
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The performance of a number of existing dynamic subgrid-scale(SGS) models is evaluated in large-eddy simulations(LES) of two prototype transitional and turbulent shear flows, a planar jet and a channel flow. The dynamic SGS models applied include the dynamic Smagorinsky model(DSM);Germano et al. 1991, Lully 1992), the dynamic tow-component model(DTM; Akhavan et al. 2000), the dynamic mixed model(DMM;Zang et al, 1993). and the dynamic two-parameter model(DTPM; Salvetti & Banerjee 1995). The results are compared with those for DNS for their evaluation. The LES results demonstrate the superior performance of DTM with use of a sharp cutoff filter and DMM with use of a box filter, as compared to their respect counterpart DSM, in predicting the mean statistics, spectra and large-scale structure of the flow, Such features of DTM and DMM derive from the construction of the models in which tow separate terms are included to represent the SGS interactions; a Smagorinsky edd-viscosity term to account for the non-local interactions, and a local-interaction term to account for the nonlinear dynamics between the resolved and subgrid scales in the vicinity of the LES cutoff. As well, overall the SGS models using a sharp cutoff filter are more successful than those using a box filter in capturing the statistics and structure of the flow. Finally, DTPM is found to be compatible or inferior to DMM.
Large-Eddy Simulation;Subgrid-Scale Models;
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대와류모사 기법을 이용한 강한 벽분사가 있는 채널 내에서의 난류 유동장 및 온도장 해석,김학종;나양;

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