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Measurements of Secondary Vortices in the Cylinder Wake by Three-Dimensional Phase-Averaging Technique Using Cinematic PIV Data
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Measurements of Secondary Vortices in the Cylinder Wake by Three-Dimensional Phase-Averaging Technique Using Cinematic PIV Data
Seong, Jae-Yong; Yu, Jeong-Yeol;
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Near-wake flow field downstream of a circular cylinder in the wake-transition regime where fine-scale secondary vortices have a spanwise wavelength of around one diameter has been studied by means of phase-averaging from cinematic PIV data. A cross-correlation algorithm in conjunction with the FFT(Fast Fourier Transform)analysis and an offset correlation technique is used for obtaining the velocity vectors. Which the help of very high sampling rate compared to the shedding frequency, it is possible to obtain phase-averaged flow fields although the shedding is not forced but natural. Phase -locked three-dimensional vortical structures are reconstructed form the phase-averaged data in one x-y(cross-sectional) and several z-x(spanwise-streamwise)planes. In this process of phase-averaging in a z-x plane, a technique to freeze the secondary vortices relative to the centerline is applied. The formation process of the secondary vortices is shown by considering spatial relations between the primary Karman and the secondary vortices and their temporal evolutions.
Cinematic PIV;Phase-Averaging;Secondary Vortex;Wake Transi-tion;Karman Vortex;
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실린더 근접후류에서 위상학적 구조와 2차 와류의 상호 관계,성재용;유정열;

대한기계학회논문집B, 2001. vol.25. 10, pp.1355-1364 crossref(new window)
진동 유동장에서 유동공진에 의한 실린더 후류의 와류 특성 변화,김원태;성재용;유정열;

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