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Numerical Study of Laminar Flow in a Combustor with a Planar Fuel Jet
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Study of Laminar Flow in a Combustor with a Planar Fuel Jet
Eom, Jun-Seok; Kim, Do-Hyeong; Yang, Gyeong-Su; Sin, Dong-Sin;
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In this study, the confined laminar flow and transport around a square cylinder with a planar fuel jet are numerically simulated. Both rear and front jets are considered, respectively. In each case, various ratios of the jet velocity to the fixed upstream velocity are taken into consideration. In case of the rear jet, the high mass-fraction region is formed along the streamlines from the jet exit, and the oscillation of the force on the square cylinder eventually disappears as the jet velocity is close to the upstream velocity. In case of the front jet, drag is significantly reduced when the jet velocity ratio is grater than 1. The results obtained exhibit flow and scalar-mixing charactered in a planar combustor.
Vortex Shedding;Drag;Scalar Transport;Strouhal Number;Planar Jet;Square Cylinder;
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