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Characteristics of Premixed Flames in a Double Concentric Burner
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Characteristics of Premixed Flames in a Double Concentric Burner
Gwon, Seong-Jun; Cha, Min-Seok; Choe, Man-Su; Jeong, Seok-Ho;
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Various flame types are observed in a double concentric burner by varying equivalence ratio and flow rates in each tube. Observed flame types include bunsen-type flame, ring-shaped flame, outer lifted flame, inner lifted flame, and oscillatory lifted flame, The doman of existence of various flames is mapped with equivalence ratio and annular jet velocity. Each flame is investigated through direct photography and OH PLIF. As central air velocity increase, the blowout region is diminished and lifted oscillating flames are observed. Inner lifted flames are observed from bunsen flames or rich shaped flames by increasing central air velocity. For inner lifted flames, annular jet velocity, at flame liftoff decreases with increasing central air jet velocity. Axial velocity profile and temperature fie이 using LDV and CRS, respectively, for a typical inner lifted flame are also measured through which the role of tribrachial flame for stabilization in emphasized.
Double Concentric Burner;Lifted Flame;Tribrachial Tlame;Liftoff;Blowout;
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농도구배와 평균속도가 삼지화염의 부상 특성에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적 연구,서정일;김남일;오광철;신현동;

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