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Numerical Analysis of Drag-Reducing Turbulent Flow by Polymer Injection with Reynolds Stress Model
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Analysis of Drag-Reducing Turbulent Flow by Polymer Injection with Reynolds Stress Model
Ko, Kang-Hoon; Kim, Kwang-Yong;
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A modified low-Reynolds-number Reynolds stress model is developed for the calculation of drag-reducing turbulent flows induced by polymer injection. The results without polymer injection are compared with the results of direct numerical simulation to ensure the validity of the basic model. In case of drag reduction, profiles of mean velocity and Reynolds stress components, in two-dimensional channel flow, obtained with a proper value of viscosity ratio are presented and discussed. Computed mean velocity profile is in very good agreement with experimental data. And, the qualitative behavior of Reynolds stress components with the viscosity ratio is also reasonable.
Drag Reduction;Low-Re Reynolds Stress Model;Polymer Injection;Channel Flow;Ultimate Profile;Viscosity Ratio;
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