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The Effect of Ambient Air Condition on a Hot Steel Plate Cooled by Impinging Water Jet
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The Effect of Ambient Air Condition on a Hot Steel Plate Cooled by Impinging Water Jet
Lee, Pil-Jong; Choi, Hae-Won; Lee, Seung-Hong;
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It is observed that the cooling capacity of impinging water jet is affected by the seasonal conditions in steel manufacturing process with large scale. To confirm this phenomena, the cooling experiments of a hot steel plate by a laminar jet were conducted for two different initial ambient air temperature( and ) in a closed chamber, and an inverse heat conduction method is applied for the quantitative comparison. It is found that the cooling capacity under air temperature is lower than that under , as is the saturated water vapor is more easily observed, and the amount of total extracted heat in the case of is smaller by nearly 15% than that of case. From these results, it is thought that the quantity of water vapor, which could be absorbed until saturation, effects on the mechanism of boiling heat transfer.
Impinging Liquid Jet;Hot Steel Plate;Ambient Air Temperature;Inverse Heat Conduction;Humidity Ratio;
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충돌수분류에 냉각되는 고온 강판의 열전달에 있어 노즐높이의 영향에 대한 연구,이필종;최해원;이승홍;

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