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Interferometric Measurements of the Thickness Distribution of the Liquid Sheet Formed by Two Impinging Jets
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 Title & Authors
Interferometric Measurements of the Thickness Distribution of the Liquid Sheet Formed by Two Impinging Jets
Choo, Yeon-Jun; Kang, Bo-Seon;
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In this research, a study on the characteristics of the liquid sheet formed by two impinging jets is presented. Using the interference phenomena of light, the thickness of the liquid sheet, which seems to heavily affect the size of the droplets, is measured and compared with existing theoretical modelings. Thinner liquid sheet is produced with larger impinging angle, smaller orifice diameter, and higher azimuthal angle but the jet velocity doesn't affect the thickness. More viscous liquid produces thicker liquid sheet. The theoretical modelings predict the same trend as the experiments but the thickness values are overestimated at low azimuthal angles. This difference is gradually decreased as the azimuthal angle is increased: The breakup mechanism of the droplets from the liquid sheet is visualized by a high speed camera. The crest around the edge of the liquid sheet is protruded with the accumulation of liquid at the end of protuberance, which contracts into a spherical shape and then becomes detached when the stem breaks down, producing large droplets with a few small size of satellites.
Impinging-Jet Injector;Liquid Sheet;Liquid Sheet Thickness;Interference;
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