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Numerical Analyses on Wall-Attaching Offset Jet with Various Turbulent Models and Skew-Upwind Scheme
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Analyses on Wall-Attaching Offset Jet with Various Turbulent Models and Skew-Upwind Scheme
Seo, Ho-Taek; Boo, Jung-Sook;
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Four turbulent models (i.e., standard model, modified models with streamline curvature modification and/or preferential dissipation modification) are applied in order to analyze the turbulent flow of wall-attaching offset jet. For numerical convergence, this paper develops a method of slowly increasing the convective effect induced by skew-velocity in skew-upwind scheme (hereafter called Partial Skewupwind Scheme). Even though the method was simple, it was efficient in view of convergent speed, computer memory storage, programming, etc. The numerical results of all models show good prediction in first order calculations (i.e., reattachment length, mean velocity, pressure), while they show some deviations in ·second order (i.e., kinetic energy and its dissipation rate). Like the previous results obtained by upwind scheme, the streamline curvature modification results in better prediction, while the preferential dissipation modification does not.
Wall Jet;Reattachment Length;Convergence;
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