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Condensation Heat Transfer for Pure HFC Refrigerants and a Ternary Refrigerant Mixture Inside a Horizontal Tube
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Condensation Heat Transfer for Pure HFC Refrigerants and a Ternary Refrigerant Mixture Inside a Horizontal Tube
Oh, Jong-Taek; Hihara, Eiji;
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An experimental study of condensation heat transfer was performed for pure refrigerants HFC32, HFCI25, and HFC134a, and a ternary refrigerant mixture of HFC32/125/134a (23/25/52wt%). The heat transfer coefficients were measured inside a horizontal smooth tube 5.8 mm I.D. and 8.0 m long. The refrigerant temperature at inlet was 40 , and the mass flux was varied from 150 to 400 . As for the pure refrigerants, the heat transfer coefficient of HFC32/125/l34a decreased as the quality decreased. In addition, the heat transfer coefficient of HFC32/l25/134a was about 20 % lower than HFC 134a at a low mass flux but showed no reduction at a high mass flux. The heat transfer coefficient of ternary refrigerant mixtures was 30% lower on the average than that of the pure refrigerant.
Convective Condensation;Heat Transfer Coefficientes;Pure HFC Refrigerants;Ternary Refrigerant Mixture;Horizontal Tube;
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세관내 R-22와 R-134a의 응축 전열 특성에 관한 연구,홍진우;노건상;정재천;오후규;

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