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R-22 Condensation in Flat Aluminum Multi-Channel Tubes
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R-22 Condensation in Flat Aluminum Multi-Channel Tubes
Kim, Jung-Oh; Cho, Jin-Pyo; Kim, Nae-Hyun;
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In this study, condensation heat transfer tests were conducted in flat aluminum multi-channel tubes using R-22. Two internal geometries were tested ; one with smooth inner surface and the other with micro-fins. Data are presented for the followin~ range of variables ; vapor quality(), mass flux() and heat flux(). The micro-fin tube showed higher heat transfer coefficients compared with those of the smooth tube. The difference increased as the vapor quality increased. Surface tension force acting on the micro-fin surface at the high vapor quality is believed to be responsible. Different from the trends of the smooth tube, where the heat transfer coefficient increased as the mass flux increased, the heat transfer coefficient of the micro-fin tube was independent of the mass flux at high vapor quality, which implies that the surface tension effect on the fin overwhelms the vapor shear effect at the high vapor quality. Present data(except those at low mass flux and high quality) were well correlated by equivalent Reynolds number, Existing correlations overpredicted the present data at high mass flux.
Flat Tube;Micro-Fin;Condensation;Multi-Channel;R-22;
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세관내 R-22와 R-134a의 응축 전열 특성에 관한 연구,홍진우;노건상;정재천;오후규;

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