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Cross-Spectral Characteristics of Wall Pressure Fluctuations in Flows over a Backward-Facing Step
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Cross-Spectral Characteristics of Wall Pressure Fluctuations in Flows over a Backward-Facing Step
Lee, In-Won; Sung, Hyung-Jin;
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Laboratory measurements were made of wall pressure fluctuations in a separated and reattaching flow over a backward-facing step. An array of 32 microphones along the streamwise direction was utilized. Various statistical properties of pressure fluctuations were scrutinized. The main emphasis was placed on the flow inhomogeneity along the streamwise direction. One point statistics such as the streamwise distribution of rms pressure and autospectra were shown to be generally consistent with other studies. The coherences and wavenumber spectra in the streamwise directions were indicative of the presence of dual modes in pressure; one is the large-scale vortical structure in low frequency and the other is the boundary-layer-like decaying mode in high frequency.
Pressure Fluctuations;Backward-Facing Step;Separated and Reattaching Flow;Cross Spectrum;Wavenumber Spectrum;
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비정상 후류가 난류박리기포의 응집구조에 미치는 영향,전세종;성형진;

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