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An Experimental Study on the Effects of the Boundary Layer and Heat Transfer by Vortex Interactions ( I ) - On the common flow down -
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An Experimental Study on the Effects of the Boundary Layer and Heat Transfer by Vortex Interactions ( I ) - On the common flow down -
Hong, Cheul-Hyun; Yang, Jang-Sik; Lee, Ki-Baik;
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This paper describes the results of an experimental investigation of the flow characteristics and the heat transfer rate on a surface by interaction of a pair of vortices. The test facility consists of a boundary-layer wind tunnel with a vortex introduced into the flow by half-delta wings(vortex generators) protruding from the surface. In order to control the strength of the two longitudinal vortices, the angles of attack of the vortex generators are varied from 20 degree to 45 degree, but spacings between the vortex generators are fixed to 4 cm. The 3-dimensional mean velocity downstream of the vortex generators is measured by a five-hole pressure probe, and the hue-capturing method using the thermochromatic liquid crystals has been used to provide the local distribution of the heat transfer coefficient. By using the method mentioned above, the following conclusions are obtained from the present experiment. The boundary layer is thinned in the regions where the secondary flow is directed toward the wall and thickened where it is directed away from the wall. The peak augmentation of the local heat transfer coefficient occurs in the downwash region near the point of minimum boundary-layer thickness. Streamwise distributions of averaged Stanton number on the measurement planes show very similar trends for all the cases().
Vortex Pairs;Heat Transfer;Longitudinal;Half Delta Wing;Thermochromatic Liquid Crystal;Five-Hole Pressure Probe;
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