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PIV Measurements of Flow and Turbulence Characteristics of Round Jet in Crossflow
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PIV Measurements of Flow and Turbulence Characteristics of Round Jet in Crossflow
Kim, Kyung-Chun; Kim, Sang-Ki; Yoon, Sang-Youl;
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The instantaneous and ensemble averaged flow characteristics of a round jet issuing normally into a crossflow was studied using a flow visualization technique and Particle Image Velocimetry measurements. Experiments were performed at a jet-to-crossflow velocity ratio, 3.3, and two Reynolds numbers, 1050 and 2100, based on crossflow velocity and jet diameter. Instantaneous laser tomographic images of the vertical center plane of the crossflow jet showed that there exist very different natures in the flow structures of the near field jet even though the velocity ratio is the same. It was found that the shear layer becomes much thicker when the Reynolds number is 2100 due to the strong entrainment of the inviscid fluid by turbulent interaction between the jet and crossflow. The mean and second order statistics were calculated by ensemble averaging over 1000 realizations of instantaneous velocity fields. The detail characteristics of mean flow field, stream wise and vertical r.m.s. velocity fluctuations, and Reynolds shear stress distributions were presented. The new PlV results were compared with those from previous experimental and LES studies.
Particle Image Velocimetry;Crossflow Jet;Reynolds Number Dependency;Flow and Turbulence Characteristics;
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두꺼운 난류경계층 내부에 놓인 직사각형 프리즘 주위의 유동구조,김경천;지호성;추재민;이석호;성승학;

대한기계학회논문집B, 2002. vol.26. 4, pp.578-586 crossref(new window)
직사각형 프리즘 상면에서 발생되는 원추형 와의 유동구조,김경천;지호성;성승학;

대한기계학회논문집B, 2001. vol.25. 5, pp.713-721 crossref(new window)
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