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Numerical Investigation of Contamination Particle's Trajectory in a Head/slider Disk Interface
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Numerical Investigation of Contamination Particle's Trajectory in a Head/slider Disk Interface
Park, Hee-Sung; Hwang, Jung-Ho; Choa, Sung-Hoon;
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Microcontamination caused by particle deposition on the head disk interface threatens the reliability of hard disk drive. Design of slider rail to control contamination becomes an important issue in magnetic recording. In this paper, how particles adhere to the slider and the disk is examined. To investigate accumulation mechanism of the particles, trajectory of the particles in a slider/disk interface is simulated with considering various forces including drag force, gravitational force, Saffman lift force, and electrostatic force. It is found that the charged particles can easily adhere to the slider or disk surface, if an electric field exists between the slider and the disk. It is supposed that the vertical motion of the particles should be related with not only Saffman force but also electrostatic force.
Flying Height;Head/Disk Interface;Particle;Saffman Force;Electrostatic Force;Trajectory;
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