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Critical Heat Flux of an Impinging Water Jet on a Heated Surface with Boiling
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Critical Heat Flux of an Impinging Water Jet on a Heated Surface with Boiling
Lee, Jong-Su; Kim, Heuy-Dong; Choi, Kuk-Kwang;
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate a critical heat flux(CHF) during forced convective subcooled and saturated boiling in free water jet system impinged on a rectangular heated surface. The surface is supplied with subcooled or saturated water through a rectangular jet. Experimental parameters studied are a width of heated surface, a height of supplementary water and a degree of subcooling. Incipient boiling point is observed in the temperature of 6 of superheat of test specimen. CHF depends on jet velocity for various boiling-involved coolant system. CHF also is proportional to the nozzle exit velocity to the power of n, where n is 0.55 and 0.8 for subcooled and saturated boiling, respectively. CHF is enhanced with a higher jet velocity, higher degree of subcooling and smaller width of a heated surface.
Critical Heat Flux;Impingement Jet;Weber Number;Degree of Subcooling;Saturated Boiling;
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미세 원형 충돌수제트의 부분 대류비등에 있어서 자유표면/잠입 제트의 국소 열전달 특성,조형희;우성제;신창환;

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