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Application of Temperature Inversion by Using Spectral Radiation Intensities
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 Title & Authors
Application of Temperature Inversion by Using Spectral Radiation Intensities
Yang, Soo-Seok; Song, Tae-Ho;
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Analytical experiments to determine the line-of-sight temperature distribution is conducted by using spectral radiation intensities. For this study, fourteen narrow bands of interval in band ( to ) are selected. The applied system is a one-dimensional gas slab filled with 100% gas at 1 atm. Two types of temperature profile are tested; parabolic and boundary layer types. Three kinds of radiation calculation are used in the iteration procedure for the temperature inversion; LBL(Line by Line), SNB(Statistical Narrow Band) and WNB(WSGGM. based Narrow Band) models. The LBL solution shows perfect agreement while some error of temperature prediction is caused by radiation modeling error when using SNB and WNB models. The inversion result shows that the WNB model may be used more accurately in spectral remote sensing techniques than the traditional SNB model.
Radiation;Spectral Intensity; 4.3 Band;Narrow Band;Temperature Inversion;
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