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Effects of Gap Spacing on Heat Transfer Characteristics for Co-Rotating Disks
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Gap Spacing on Heat Transfer Characteristics for Co-Rotating Disks
Ryu, Goo-Young; Won, Chung-Ho; Cho, Hyung-Hee;
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Local heat transfer characteristics inside a hard disk driver(HDD) are investigated in this study. The investigation is considered between disks co-rotating in a cylindrical enclosure. The gap spacing, rotating speed and head-arm positions are mainly considered to understand the flow and heat transfer in the co-rotating disks. The naphthalene sublimation technique is used to determine local heat/mass transfer coefficients on the rotating disk. Flow patterns inside the co-rotating disks are investigated using a Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA) and also analyzed numerically. The results show that the heat transfer coefficients on the disk changed little with the gap spacing between disks. Heat transfer rates in the outer region increases with increasing rotating Renolds number, but the values normalized by that on a free rotating disk give a similar pattern for the tested cases. The head-arm inserted between the rotating disks destroys the inner region resulting in enhancement of heat transfer in that region.
Co-Rotating Disk;HDD;Heat/Mass Transfer;
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