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Proper Numerical Scheme to Solve the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder with Time and Grid Size Variations
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 Title & Authors
Proper Numerical Scheme to Solve the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder with Time and Grid Size Variations
Maeng, Joo-Sung; Kim, Yong-Dae; Choi, IL-Kon;
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The purpose of this study is to present the most effective numerical scheme to calculate the unsteady flows. In order to calculate the flow quantities of flow past a circular cylinder, Three-time level and five convective schemes are applied to unsteady and convective terms, respectively. The values obtained are compared with those from the existing experimental and numerical studies. At Reynolds numbers up to 160, time intervals can be expanded 10 times of Implicit Euler scheme using Three-time level method, and it is found that QUICK and CUI schemes work much stable than others even if less grid density conditions. The combination of Three-time level and QUICK scheme gives high resolutions for laminar unsteady problems with PC level
Unsteady Flow;Vortex Shedding;Convective Scheme;Time Integration Scheme;Three-Time Level Scheme;
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