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An Experimental Study on Enhancement of the Filter Efficiency by the Image Effect of Charged Particle
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 Title & Authors
An Experimental Study on Enhancement of the Filter Efficiency by the Image Effect of Charged Particle
Lee, Chang-Sun; Jeong, Hae-Young; Kim, Sang-Soo;
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Filter efficiency of electrically charged particle in uncharged fibrous filter was measured. In previous studies, the effect of charged particle on filter efficiency was investigated but there was difficulty in measuring of image effect that is appeared at the charged small particle. We could easily measure the image effect with charging small particles by photoelectric charging. The spark discharge aerosol generator and a differential mobility analyzer (DMA) were used to generate sub-micron monodisperse particles ( nm). The generated particles were charged in photoelectric charging process using ultraviolet lamp and electric field. The filter efficiency of the charged particles, classified by another DMA, was measured in filter tester using a condensation nucleus counter (CNC) as function of particle diameter, particle charge and airflow velocity. It is shown that the filter efficiency increases with increasing charge number of the particle and is affected by particle size and flow velocity. Single fiber filter efficiency mainly depends on image force parameter and peclet number. The peclet number was not considered at previous other papers. We propose a modi fied experimental correlation as function of image force parameter and peclet number
Photoelectric Charging;Charged Particle;Filter Efficiency;Image Effect;Peclet Number;
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