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Tomographic Interpretations of Visible Emissions from the Axisymmetric Partially Premixed Flames
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 Title & Authors
Tomographic Interpretations of Visible Emissions from the Axisymmetric Partially Premixed Flames
Ha, Kwang-Soon; Choi, Sang-Min;
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Visible spectral characteristics of cross-sectional emissions from a partially premixed methane/air and propane/air flames have been investigated. An optical train with a two-axis scanning mirror system was used to record line-of-sight emission spectra from 354nm to 618nm, and inversion technique was adapted to obtain cross-sectional emission spectra. By analyzing the reconstructed emission spectra, cross-sectional intensities of CH and radicals were separated from the background emissions. The blue flame edge and yellow flame edge were also obtained by image processing technique for edge detection with color photograph of flame. These edges were compared with radial distributions of CH, radicals and background emissions. The CH radicals were observed at blue flame edge. The background emissions were generated by soot precursor at upstream of flame and by soot at downstream of flame. The radicals in propane/air flame were observed more than those in methane/air flame
Partially Premixed Flame;Emission Computed Tomography;Radical Emission;Background Emission;
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