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Analysis of the Impinging Spray Behavior Accompanying with Change of Phase
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Analysis of the Impinging Spray Behavior Accompanying with Change of Phase
Song, Hong-Jong; Cha, Keun-Jong; Kim, Duck-Jool;
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The emission in the exhaust gas from diesel engine is effected by the fuel spray characteristics. The spray of D.I. diesel engine impinges on a piston cavity and a cylinder wall. It is very important to know exactly the distribution and behavior of the spray inside cylinder. The objective of this study is to develop more accurate evaporation model. The EPISO code was used to analyze the flow characteristics in the engine. The Wakil model and the Faeth model are applied to the EPISO code to analyze the behavior of impinging spray. And also experimental and numerical analysis were carried out. The spray behavior characteristics were investigated by changing injection pressure, ambient pressure and temperature. The behavior of impinging spray was strongly effected by the change of ambient pressure and temperature. The effects of evaporation and rebounding droplet should be considered
Impinging Spray;Spray Characteristics;Impaction Part;Spray Width Ratio;Penetration Ratio;
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