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Modeling of Spray-Wall Interactions Considering Liquid Film Formation
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 Title & Authors
Modeling of Spray-Wall Interactions Considering Liquid Film Formation
Lee, Seong-Hyuk; Ryou, Hong-Sun;
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The main purpose of this article is to propose and assess a new spray impingement model considering film formation, which is capable of describing the droplet distribution and film flows in direct injection diesel engines. The spray-wall interaction model includes several mathematical formulae, newly made by the energy conservation law and some experimental results. The model consists of three representative regimes, rebound, deposition and splash. In addition, the film flow is described in the present model by solving the continuity and momentum equations for film flows using the integral method. To assess the new spray impingement model, the calculated results using the new model are compared with several experimental data for the normally impinging diesel sprays. The film model is also validated through comparing film radius and thickness against experimental data. The results show that the new model is generally in better agreement with experimental data and acceptable for prediction of the film radius and thickness.
Spray Impingement;Liquid Film;Diesel Engine;Splash;
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