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A Numerical Analysis and Experiment for Micro-Fans
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 Title & Authors
A Numerical Analysis and Experiment for Micro-Fans
Cho, Jin-Soo; Pyun, Tae-Kyoon; Park, Wang-Sik; Chun, Chang-Kun;
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A three dimensional linear frequency-domain lifting surface panel method was used for the aerodynamic analysis of axial flow type micro-fans. As proven by the duct modeling, the tip clearance of the micro-fans tested is large enough to ignore the calculated effect of the duct system. As the numerical results and experimental data agreed well in the operating point region, the method was applicable in the parametric studies to determine the design parameters of axial flow fans. Experiments on micro-fans were carried out based on KS B 6311. The newly designed micro-fan showed improvements in both static pressure rise and volumetric flow rate compared to the existing fans at a given operating condition. No detection of surging and the smooth characteristic curve proved the improvement in performance. To reduce the fan noise in the fan design, it was necessary to make use of the frequency spectrum analysis data. Measurement of sound pressure level for micro-fans was conducted based on KS B 6361 and KS A 0705. The peak - which occurs at blade passage frequency and its higher harmonics due to the fan noise - was not detected. This justifies the design methodology of the blade.
Micro-Fan;Flow Coefficient;Static Pressure Coefficient;Sound Pressure Level;
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