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Experimental Study on Flow Noise Generated by Axisymmetric Boundary Layer ( I ) - Wall Pressure Fluctuations on Axisymmetric Noses and on a Cylinder in an Axial Flow -
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Study on Flow Noise Generated by Axisymmetric Boundary Layer ( I ) - Wall Pressure Fluctuations on Axisymmetric Noses and on a Cylinder in an Axial Flow -
Lee, Seung-Bae; Kim, Hooi-Joong; Kwon, O-Sup; Lee, Sang-Kwon;
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The axisymmetric bodies considered in this study have hemispherical and ellipsoidal noses. The near-field pressure fluctuations over each nose model at were investigated in the laminar separation region and developing turbulent boundary layers using a 1/8' pin-holed microphone sensor. The wall pressure fluctuations were also measured in an axisymmetric boundary layer on a cylinder parallel to mean flow at a momentum thickness Reynolds number of 850 and a boundary layer thickness to cylinder radius ratio of 1.88.
Axisymmetric Body;Laminar Separation;Near-Field Noise;Wall Pressure Spectrum;Turbulent Boundary Layer;
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