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Characterization of Soot Particles Generated in Non-sooting and Sooting Normal Diffusion Flames
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Characterization of Soot Particles Generated in Non-sooting and Sooting Normal Diffusion Flames
Choi, In-Chul; Lee, Jae-Bok; Hwang, Jung-Ho;
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Characteristics of carbon soot particles generated in diffusion flames were studied. Non-sooting and sooting normal diffusion flames using propane or ethylene as fuel were selected. In the flames, soot volume fraction was measured by a thermocouple, and primary particle diameter and cluster size were analyzed by TEM photographs. The characteristics of soot particles depended on flame(non-sooting or sooting) and fuel(propane or ethylene) type. Unlike the sooting diffusion flames, particle growth and oxidation processes were clearly observed in the non-sooting diffusion flames. In the sooting diffusion flames, soot particle size was slightly changed at the flame tip.
Soot Particle;Thermocouple Particle Densitometry;Soot Volume Fraction;TEM;Thermophoresis;
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DC 코로나 방전이 적용된 에틸렌 정상 확산 화염의 Soot 배출 저감,이재복;황정호;

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