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Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator and Steam Turbine System
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Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator and Steam Turbine System
Park, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Tong-Seop; Ro, Sung-Tack;
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The dynamic behavior of a single-pressure heat recovery steam generator and turbine system for the combined cycle power plant is simulated on the basis of one-dimensional unsteady governing equations. A water level control and a turbine power control are also included in the calculation routine. Transient response of the system to the variation of gas turbine exit condition is simulated and effect of the turbine power control on the system response is examined. In addition, the effect of the treatment of inertia terms(fluid inertia and thermal inertia of heat exchanger metal) on the simulated transient response is investigated.
HRSG;Steam Turbine;Combined Cycle;Dynamic Behavior;Control;Inertia;
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