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Computations of the Supersonic Ejector Flows with the Second Throat
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Computations of the Supersonic Ejector Flows with the Second Throat
Choi, Bo-Gyu; Lee, Young-Ki; Kim, Heuy-Dong; Kim, Duck-Jool;
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Pumping action in ejector systems is generally achieved through the mixing of a high-velocity and high-energy stream with a lower-velocity and lower-energy stream within a duct. The design and performance evaluation of the ejector systems has developed as a combination of scale-model experiments, empiricism and theoretical analyses applicable only to very simplified configurations, because of the generic complexity of the flow phenomena. In order to predict the detailed performance characteristics of such systems, the flow phenomena throughout the operating regimes of the ejector system should be fully understood. This paper presents the computational results for the two-dimensional supersonic ejector system with a second throat. The numerical simulations are based on a fully implicit finite volume scheme of the compressible Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equation in a domain that extends from the stagnation chamber to the diffuser exit. For a wide range of the operating pressure ratio the flow field inside the ejector system is investigated in detail. The results show that the supersonic ejector systems have an optimal throat area for the operating pressure ratio to be minimized.
Compressible Flow;Supersonic Ejector;Supersonic Nozzle;Shock Wave;Internal Flow;Supersonic Diffuser;Second Throat;
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추기 펌프형 아음속/음속 이젝터유동에 관한 수치해석적 연구,최보규;구병수;김희동;김덕줄;

대한기계학회논문집B, 2001. vol.25. 2, pp.269-276 crossref(new window)
가변형 음속/초음속 이젝터 시스템에 관한 실험적 연구,이준희;김희동;

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