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Shelter Effect of Porous Fences on the Saltation of Sand Particles in an Atmospheric Boundary Layer
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 Title & Authors
Shelter Effect of Porous Fences on the Saltation of Sand Particles in an Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Park, Ki-Chul; Lee, Sang-Joon;
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Effects of porous wind fences on the wind erosion of particles from a triangular sand pile were investigated experimentally. The porous fence and sand pile were installed in a simulated atmospheric boundary layer. The mean velocity and turbulent intensity profiles measured at the sand pile location were well fitted to the atmospheric boundary layer over the open terrain. Flow visualization was carried out to investigate the motion of windblown sand particles qualitatively. In addition, the threshold velocity were measured using a light sensitive video camera with varying the particle size, fence porosity and the height of sand pile. As a result, various types of particle motion were observed according to the fence porosity. The porous wind fence having porosity =30% was revealed to have the maximum threshold velocity, indicating good shelter effect for abating windblown dust particles. With increasing the sand particle diamter, the threshold velocity was also increased. When the height of sand pile is lower than the fence height, threshold velocity is enhanced.
Wind Erosion;Porous Fence;Atmospheric Boundary Layer;Sand Pile;Threshold Velocity;
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