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A Study on the Effect of Recirculated Exhaust Gas with Scrubber EGR System upon Exhaust Emissions in Diesel Engines
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A Study on the Effect of Recirculated Exhaust Gas with Scrubber EGR System upon Exhaust Emissions in Diesel Engines
Bae, Myung-Whan; Ha, Jung-Ho;
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The effects of recirculated exhaust gas on the characteristics of and soot emissions under a wide range of engine load have been experimentally investigated by a water-cooled, four-cylinder, indirect injection, four cycle and marine diesel engine operating at two kinds of engine speeds. The simultaneous control of and soot emissions in diesel engines is targeted in this study. The EGR system is used to reduce emissions, and a novel diesel soot removal device with a cylinder-type scrubber for the experiment system which has 6 water injectors(A water injector has 144 nozzles in 1.0 mm diameter) is specially designed and manufactured to reduce the soot contents in the recirculated exhaust gas to intake system of the engines. The intake oxygen concentration and the mean equivalence ratio calculated by the intake air flow and fuel consumption rate, and the exhaust oxygen concentration measured are used to analyse and discuss the influences of EGR rate on and soot emissions. The experiments are performed at the fixed fuel injection timing of BTDC regardless of experimental conditions. It is found that emissions are decreased and soot emissions are increased owing to the drop of intake oxygen concentration and exhaust oxygen concentration, and the rise of equivalence ratio as the EGR rate rises.
Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR); and Soot Emissions;Scrubber EGR System;Intake Oxygen Concentration;Exhaust Oxygen Concentration;Equivalence Ratio;
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