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Modification of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow by Local Wall Vibration
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 Title & Authors
Modification of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow by Local Wall Vibration
Kim, Chul-Kyu; Jeon, Woo-Pyung; Park, Jin-Il; Kim, Dong-Joo; Choi, Haecheon;
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In this study, the modification of turbulent boundary layer flow by local wall vibration is investigated. The wall is locally vibrated using a wall deformation actuator, which moves up and down at the frequencies of 100Hz and 50Hz. Simultaneous measurements of the streamwise velocities in the spanwise direction are performed at several wall-normal and streamwise locations using an in-house multi-channel hot wire anemometer and a spanwise hot-wire-probe rake. The mean velocity is reduced in most places due to the wall vibration and its reduced amount becomes small as flow goes downstream. Interestingly, the mean velocity is found to increase very near the wall and near the actuator. This is due to the motion induced by the streamwise vortices which are generated by the downward motion of the actuator. In case of the streamwise velocity fluctuations, their magnitude increases as compared to the unperturbed turbulent boundary layer, and the increased amount becomes small as the flow moves downstream. The modified flow field at the forcing frequency of 50Hz is not much different from that of 100Hz, except the reduced amount of modification.
Turbulent Boundary Layer;Wall Deformation Actuator;Flow Control;
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