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Numerical Design of Light-off Auto-Catalyst for Reducing Cold-Start Emissions
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Design of Light-off Auto-Catalyst for Reducing Cold-Start Emissions
Jeong, Soo-Jin; Kim, Woo-Seung;
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Light-off catalyst has been used for minimization of cold-start emissions. Improved cold-start performance of light-off catalyst needs the optimal design in terms of flow distribution, geometric surface area, precious metal loading, cell density and space velocity. In this study, these influential factors are numerically investigated using integrated numerical technique by considering not only 3-D fluid flow but also heat and mass transfer with chemical reactions. The present results indicate that uneven catalyst loading of depositing high active catalyst at upstream of monolith is beneficial during warm-up period but its effect is severely deteriorated when the space velocity is above 100,000 To maximize light-off performance, this study suggests that 1) a light-off catalyst be designed double substrate type; 2) the substrate with high GSA and high PM loading at face be placed at the front monolith; and 3) the cell density of the rear monolith be lower to reduce the pressure drop.
Light-Off Catalyst;Under-Body Catalyst;Cold-Start;Conversion Efficiency;Space Velocity;Chemical Reaction;
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2륜 자동차 촉매변환기내 배기가스 온도균일도 특성과 Light-Off에 관한 연구,이중섭;정효민;이철재;정한식;

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