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Experimental Study on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Two-Stage and a Counter-Rotating Axial Flow Fan
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Experimental Study on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Two-Stage and a Counter-Rotating Axial Flow Fan
Cho, Jin-Soo; Cho, Lee-Sang;
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Experiments were done for the comparison of performance and flow characteristics between a two -stage axial flow fan and a counter-rotating axial flow fan. Each stage of the two -stage axial flow fan used fur the present study has an eight bladed rotor and thirteen slater blades. The front and the rear rotor of the counter - rotating axial flow fan have eight blades each and are driven by coaxial counter ro latins shafts through a gearbox located between the rear rotor and the electric motor. Both of the two axial fan configurations have identical rotor blades and the same operating condition fur the one -to-one comparison of the two. Performance curves of the two configurations were obtained and compared by varying the blade pitch angles and axial gaps between the blade rows. The fan characteristic curves were obtained following the Korean Standard Testing Methods for Turbo Fans and Blowers (KS B 6311). The fa n flow characteristics were measured using a five-hole probe by a non-nulling method. The velocity profiles between the hub and tip of the fans were measured and analyzed at the particular operating condition s of peak efficiency, minimum and maximum pressure coefficients. The peak efficiency of the counter-rotating axial fan was improved about 2% respectively, compared with the two stage axial fan. At the minimum pressure coefficient point of the two stage axial fan, the fan inlet flow patterns show that axial velocity highly decreased in the vicinity of the blade tip region. Also, the reverse flow took place at the blade tip.
Two-Stage Axial Flow Fan;Counter-Rotating Axial Flow Fan;Performance Curve;five-Hole Probe;
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