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Modeling of Laminar Burning Velocities for Hydrocarbon and 7ethanol Fuels by Using Detailed Chemical Reaction Mechanisms
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Modeling of Laminar Burning Velocities for Hydrocarbon and 7ethanol Fuels by Using Detailed Chemical Reaction Mechanisms
Bae, Sang-Su; Min, Gyeong-Deok;
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In order to be applicable to the combustion modelling of stratified charged combustion like that of - lean burn and GDI engine, the correlations of laminar burring velocities fur several hydrocarbon fuels and methanol are needed over a wide range of equivalence ratio, pressure and temperature. In this study, these correlations are modeled in the 1311owing form based on the experimental and Muller\`s modeling results for several fuels, where , ξ, and ξ are functions of pressure and temperature, = exp[-ξ(-) -exp {-ζ(-)}-ζ(-)]. By using the results calculated by PREMIX code with Sloane\`s detailed chemical reaction mechanism for propane, it is verified that the coefficients of the abode modeling can be determined by considering laminar burning velocity data only in a range of equivalence ratio less than . Therefore, Muller\`s modeling results can be adopted leer modeling of the pressure and temperature dependency. Compared with the results of the existing Keck'and Gulder's models, those of the present one showed the good agreement of the recent experimental data, especially in the range of lean and rich sides.s.des.s.
Laminar Burning Velocity;Stratified Charged Combustion;Detailed Chemical Reaction Mechanism;Lean Burn;Gasoline Direct Injection;GDI;
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