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Measurements of Equivalence Ratio in the Spark Plug Gap and Its-Effects on Combustion Under Stratified Mixture Conditions in a Constant Volume Chamber
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Measurements of Equivalence Ratio in the Spark Plug Gap and Its-Effects on Combustion Under Stratified Mixture Conditions in a Constant Volume Chamber
Bae, Sang-Su; Lee, Gi-Cheol; Min, Gyeong-Deok;
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To investigate only the effects of the stratified mixture distribution on initial flame propagation and combustion characteristics, the instantaneous equivalence ratio in the spark plug gap and combustion pressure were measured simultaneously In a constant volume chamber, To induce the stratified propane-air mixture distribution near the spark plug, counter-flow typed mixture injection system was used under the constant mean equivalence ratio mean/= 1.0 The instantaneous equivalence ratio was measured by a single-shot Raman scattering with narrow-band KrF excimer laser. The measuring error was within the limit of 3.5% provided that the proposed method was applied to the measured Raman signals. Judging from mass fraction burned derived from the measured pressure, the optimum combustion characteristics were shown under the condition that the local equivalence ratio in the spark plug was near 1.280.04, and these characteristics were more remarkable at the initial stage of combustion.
Laser Raman Scattering;Single-Shot Measurement;KrF Excimer Laser;Local Equivalence patio;Spark Plug;Stratified Mixture;
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정적연소기내에서의 분위기 온도 및 압력에 따른 혼합기 분포에 관한 성층화 정도 특성,이기형;이창식;이창희;

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